As a Hacker

                Many of my friends said that a film can change the mind set of a person.But,it is true I myself changed by seeing Players(­Hindi film) and I learned hacking from internet and by reading PDFs.I thought hacking willl be very easy and we can learn it in not less than 2months but all my expections went worng .When I am trying to learn something thers comes a new topic if I learned that some other concept will be….I thought  what fcuk hacking is .With my amature knowledge in hacking I tried to hack my friend system by using readymade program avalibe on net I worked but I can’t acess the data of my friend.Then I understood hacking is not that much of easy I tought .I felt that I can supries my friends by hacking their systems and shoutdowing without knowing them .But it is very difficult

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