Fantastic evening @Birla Mandir

              It is Sunday nearly 4.30 in the evening I was too tired because I attended java class for 4 hrs (9 am-1 pm) hours. Even Sunday also they are taking the class. And now it is time to get out of hostel for time pass. One of my friends told me that we can make a move to Birla Mandir it is just a kilometer from here we can reach there Within 20mins by walk. Then I taken a shaver and get ready myself for a move .We started our walk to Birla Mandir at 6pm on the way we just made an enquired about the way to temple they said it is just 45 min away by walk we just shocked and tried to catch a bus but we didn't got any bus to Birla Mandir .

               We started in search of a auto-rickshaw and we found a auto-rickshaw he charged 300/- for 5 member we tried to make it for 150 but he say no. Then we decided to move on foot because we have an experience of walking long distance in our college.We reached Ameerpet X road and asked a senior citizen the way to temple he said to us move straight until u find a flyover and then follow the flyover at the end of fly over take right and from there it is easy and it take around 45-60 mins. We made ourselves for a long walk in the fine evening. There is a lot of crowed on the road I think it is because it is just two days to X-mas.

Classical dance at Birla Mandir
           Now it is 7 pm according to my watch but we didn't found any fly over. I moved by watching all the fun on the road. After a long walk of 90 mins we found a fly over there and we are on the flyover and followed the instruction of senior citizen and we taken right at the end .We are at the gate of IMAX and I decide to MOVE for movie but my friend said we can watch movie while returning back. Walked walked walked....for 2.30hrs (app.) but we not found any mark of temple near by .At last we reached the temple at 8.50 pm the authority said that temple will be closed at 9 pm only so you can tomorrow but we are not to get back because we walked for 12 kms for 2.30 hrs. We moved fast to reach the main temple before it was closed. And we the last in line and I am much excited to see the god. I made a wish and we saw that there was going a classical dance show and we moved there and we settled down there on the floor and watched the performance it was amazing we forget the entire walk and enjoyed the show. There is one more performance but we left the place because it is already 10pm we decided back to hostel. This time we got the city bus to Ameerpet and reached hostel just in 35 mins...................

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