Class Representative

                After returning back from Hyd I attended 1st lecture of 3-2 semester after a break of 60 days. I screwed up again at my college, I think all those 60 days made me something special.
                I am in the 1st class of my 3-2 semester and it was taken by our HOD. She started the class with Bagavath geetha:).As every teacher say to their students that you are the worst batch ever seen n my teaching profession. And you guys are leaving the college for 60 days wit out any intimation to HOD or ant staff and I think we all deserve all those words because the last working day is March 11th ,we attended the college on Jan 21st just more 50 days to complete semester . Six subjects each consists of four units and two labs for this semester and all these in just 50 days.
                It is time to elect new CR (Class Representative) and all our class mates gathered to select new CR. Unfortunately it’s my turn to have CR crown .But I am not interested in CR job because in first year I decided to be the CR but I am not .Then Mr.K.Naresh came into picture who is our former CR and he argued me but still I am not ready and then after he got down on his knees and requested me as Sravan please..Please....
                As I am a soft hearted human being I declared myself as a new CR. Then the discussion arise that who will stand as representative from girl side and there were a lot of imaginations and predictions. My class mates and even room mates are eagerly waiting for name of that girl.
                At last after two days girls announced their representative, every one shocked after listing the name of her. All their imaginations and predictions went wrong and everyone started how these two guys are going to handle the semester .Lets see............     

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