Njoyed………but in boundaries

                    Responsibilities make us something different; they will change us a lot. Leading the class is a very good experience it will make you something different from others the day you take the responsibility you can see the changes around you. I lead the class for a semester and I gained lot of experiences.
                    First day was started with a phone call around 7am. Usually it is sleeping time for my mobile but that day it waked up very early in the morning by unknown number. I thought whoz d idiot calling early in d morning but it is a new number I attended the call it is Reshma. I attend d call she asked me about d lectures on that day but I am not in mood to explain anything I kept down the mobile and again laid on bed ,again my phone is to vibrate i was irritated to those vibrations and waked up and messaged “2dy 8:30am MP cls, Have a nice day”. Then aftr I went to downstairs for brushing I saw my frnds r waiting for me to say something abt d lecture I said them lec strts @8:30 and had breakfast till now everything is okkkkk…….
                But it is very difficult to handle the situation when there is a lecture by our HOD, she teaches Software Engineering .No one is interested to attend her class it is very boring subject and very important as too. She said she will take a class @10 am on that day(Monday).Everyone was sleeping on their beds bcoz they enjoyed sundy and it is difficult to wake up in d mrng. It is already 10:15 girls reached the class room madam again called me and I said we r on d way and reached d class 20 min late. A few were attended d cls and madam asked what abt remaining I said they are coming and she taken d class at the end of class she asked me to take d attendances but I didn’t .Bcoz only six boys r present on that day. From d next day I used to knock d every door early in d mrng bcoz this scene should not be repeated again and I was succeeded up to a mark and made full present at least for some class.
                Our xams schedule was announced it is from 1st April. As we are pre final years we decided to organize a farewell party for our seniors but no one is interested to step forward to take the responsibility again it’s my turn to take it and it is my second event. Everything will be done if there is time but ve have a time bound of 4days. Ve should arrange all the things vith in these 4days. These 4days are very horrible taking permissions from Principle, Invitation cards, Money, Decoration etc…Now it is for anchor every one escaped. Prudhiv and me as anchors, but  Vijayakantha taken the anchoring department bcoz I was fed up with all these things. And it became very tough to convince our seniors abt the female anchoring bcoz it was first time for a lady to anchor in our college, with very difficult we managed our seniors. And the event was gone smoothly, finally succeeded.
                Every one like me and my leadership Xcept one he was not satisfied with me. He scolded me two,three times. But, I think It is very common thing that we can’t reach everyone. And I completed semester successfully with lot of complementaries and few comments. I njyed everything that I got but in boundaries………… 

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