Why i am blogging

            A couple months ago, I was losing motivation for my blog. So today, I sat back and thought, “Why is blogging so effective?” Here are three reasons I came up with.

1. It lets you write faster.
            One of the things that would frustrate me is my speed in producing content. Or I should say, my lack of speed. It used to take me over two hours just to create a 500 word post. But when I started basing my posts on personal experiences, I found that the words would naturally flow. Now I can
complete a post in 45 minutes to an hour and a half. Also, this strategy helps me write longer, more comprehensive posts since there is a wealth of knowledge from my personal experiences. Think of it this way. Let’s say you have a gadget blog. You can give your opinion on the latest gadget. Or you can actually buy the gadget and try it out. Or least go to the store to demo it. You’ll definitely have more to say if you use the gadget yourself. And you’ll write more efficiently because you have the experience to draw upon.

2. It builds trust.
            Trust is one of those things that can be tricky to measure. Especially online, it’s difficult to tell how much trust you’re building with your audience. However, we can look at our friendships and see that self disclosure is one of the foundations to building close, trustworthy friendships. Consider your best friends, aren’t your best friends the people you know the most? Everytime we share something about ourselves. By the way, I think sharing our experiences has to include our times of difficultly. No one has a perfect life. If you blog as though you’ve got everything together and haven’t experienced hard times, you look like a fake.

3. It helps people remember you.
            We have to be memorable. One of the ways to help people remember you is to share your personal experiences. Our human minds remember stories much better raw facts. We can recall the plots in the movies we’ve seen and the novels we’ve read, but we have a hard time remembering the facts from our college textbooks. In their bestselling business book, Made to Stick, Chip and India Today say that telling stories is one of the best ways to help people remember you


  1. good...then continue blogging,Mr.Blogger

  2. Nothing makes you feel less alone in the world than 10 comments on your blog from perfect strangers saying that they are feeling the exact same thing you are.

    Everyone should leave one indelible mark on the world, a legacy in black and white.!!!

    Happy week end :) :)


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