How & Wht to do in Clg

                Welcome to clg. Welcome to one of the most important chapters in our lives. Ppl tell us dat clg iz the greatest thing that ever happened to them. New friends, first BF/GF, newly-found independence and dat feeling of starting a new life, a new beginning. And some tell us dat it iz the most miserable part of their lives. I am about to complete graduate at clg and it has been one heck of a ride. And there were four things I earned to a very happy and memorable clg life.

 B Urself
Ppl are unique. We all hve something dat iz all our own. Whether we are singers, dancers, nerds, jocks or even leader, we are who we are.We must not be PRETENTIOUS, and it would do no gud if we pretend to be someone we are not. Actually, it will be dng more harm than good.Wouldn’t it be bad if people knew that we were lying, lying about our so-called relationships, lying about how we diet, Lying about how rich our parents are. Lies, lies, lies. In the end ppl would be avoiding us. That’s a bad thing right?Too many ppl undervalue wht they are,and overvalue wht they're not

B d bst u can b, don’t b afraid 
We must all be content with who we are. If you’re a nerd? Then be the bst. If you’re a bookworm? Be the best one. Write a blog and show people your abilities. To be honest, I am a nerd. I showed my best, then I found myslf being respected, I found myslf appreciated. And guess what? I’m still a nerd. Who knew being a nerd could turn out to be a gud thing. Stand up for urslf; don’t be afraid to be who you are. Ppl will accept you. Ppl will like you. That I am sure.

Undoubtedly, if we are not afraid to be who we are, then ppl will like us for dat. Clg iz more than burn the midnight oil for exams, bunking to class, and definitely more than jst getting marks. Clg is doing all of those things not by yourself but with FRIENDS. Through gud moments and through bad ones too! Friends make clg life more njyable. They make each boring moment more exciting. They make us luk forward gng to clg as we wake up each morning.

Njy clg, Njy learning
Students nowadays are lazy. Me too! =) Academics can be so boring. Admit it, its true. C language, wouldn’t  I rather sleep than to know what happened to the Pointers .And don’t get me started about Digital Electronics, blah blah blah of Flip-fops, Micro processing  blah blah. I know its hard. But rather than cursing I take them as challenge. Why not find a reason to enjoy them. I am not jst learning but also I am enjoying, and socializing. And clg isn’t always about a 9am-4pm job. Attend Technical Feasts, They are also places we can meet new ppl. Sometimes the clg has a trip. Things like these are grt times to bond with close classmates and make new memories, memories dat will be synonymous with clg.

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