Letter from Mr.Sun

Beloved Sravan,
            I know that u hate me bcoz I am hotter than u,I think u r jealousy on me. I used to send hot signals to bcoz I love u but I never thought that those signal will irritate you .I am always with you in guiding you the right path. I try to wake up u with my sun rays early in the morning. I will drag all ur waste in the body as sweat. Remember u got a best frnd called Ice-cream jst bcoz of me. I feed u with mangoes I given u bail for many times frm jail (School, College). I helped u meet all ur frnds. I made u healthy by making u to drink fruit juice. You say you hate me but I always welcomed u with warm hands. Why u r hiding from me under a roof, y u feel discomfort in presence of me. I never understand u but still I_______________. I know that u love rainy, I will not forget you if you leave me. I promise I will still be here waiting. Just be good and take care, oh and please stop wearing white.

With love


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