Guys, I've been sick with mono for abt a week now. I'm getting better; thank you for the concern. But during this tyme I've experienced a bit of a regression to my younger years. I finally hve those hours upon hours to do whtever the hell I want.
My childhood was awesome. I can't even imagine anything different. And I feel like now with advances in technology, kids lose that old school sentimentality. That, and society is adapting to fit a less intelligent audience. Maybe I've just grown up, but there's still stuff to be said about my generation.
         TOM and JERRY is probably one of the greatest kid’s series of all time. I've had the pleasure of watching a few episodes .They still make me laugh. And you compare this to all the kiddy crap you see on Cartoon Network today. There are some more series Make way for noddy, Mr.Bean and Round the Twist etc.. on POGO.And when we got sundy we use to ply hide and seek and in the evng video gamez mostly Mario, Terminator, Turtles and some racing gamez……If there is any birthdy in cls then all of them including cls teacher celebrate his birthdy and we visit his home in the evng and we have cakes and chocolates and some small gifts to him. We make urself as teachers on the day of children day. We know Independent and Republic days as the day we get sweets in the school and a holidy in bonus. Even punishments are also different Kneel down, beating with a wooden scale….,

        One incident that make me smile when I recollect it ”Once when I am in third cls teacher named Rani taking cls and I was sitting beside my frnd Avinash and I throw a pencile to her and she came to me and then I said I am sry teacher and she was back to black board and again I throw pencile of my frnd, but this tyme she got angry and she bet mee with full angry”. Other incident “ Sandhya teacher collecting all our homework and now it is my turn she found a lot of mistakes in my homework and she started scolding me and then I slapped on her face and ran away nxt I was taken to principal he ordered me to come with parents nxtdy “.And the funniest thing is that I tasted the bitterness of failure in fifth cls I was failed in mathematics of fifth standard (Half yearly). 
God, I had an awesome childhood….

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