Positive Party

Well, yesterday, I was planning to blog abt something else, when my dad interrupted me and said dat it was his friend's child's second birthday and dat the party was at a function hall. He told me and my brother to go with a gift. Both of us decided to come along, of course, since we had nowhere to go over the course of our weekend.

When we got there, my eyes jst grew wide nd my jaw dropped. It was first time to the function hall, and several things surprised me. First off, nearby there iz an Ice cream parlour. Ltr I realize dat parlour closed down. The other thing dat surprised me was the hall was filled with younger kids. Dat part didn't surprise me, of course, until my dad said, "Go on in and play." I was surprised. Play? Here? I took a deep breathe in. Bcoz I am not a kid.There were adults that were also party guests playing with their kids. I stood there nervously, uncertain about what to do, and waiting for the tyme to cut the cake. They arranged some special kind of cake I never seen till.

In the end, when we had to leave, I do have to admit that I really enjoyed the experience. I was really happy about, though, that I took in my time there positively. And we must look at everything in the world positively, don't we? Because out of there, that's how we see the goodness that's in everyone and in everything, right?


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