25 Facts abt M€

Literally, I’m not joking a bit here.

1) It is my Fav number 
2) I hate shopping: This has taken a lot of my time on introspection. But I don't 
    know why- I just don't like it; It's such a boring thing to do.
3) I try hard to show my self uniquely.
4) In Google search sometimes, I go up till the last page that the search engine 
    shows up. :-D
5) I still use a 3000 Rs mobile:-P and I'm not that comfortable with touchscreen.
6) I can easily multitask. My typical multitasking everyday:
            ☆ I sit on my desk.
            ☆ My music system will obviously be ON 
            ☆ My laptop will be ON; internet too with several tabs.
            ☆ One of those tabs- some social networking website; another one- my  
                 email; another Some one
7) I Google search my own name not once, but several times!
8) I don't like 'non-veg' much; But I njy fried chicken
9) I have never read a book so far- that is, apart from my academics. To an 
    extent I even feel little embarrassed about it sometimes. Just for the      
    namesake that even I have read a couple of books, I tried to read. But I can’t 
    go past the first 4 pages ( I have tried chetan bhagat's books under a friend's 
    advice either I get a headache or I become sleepy.So I gave up that 'try’. But 
    I managed to read 11 books
10) The kind of person I am today is almost entirely different from what I was- 
        maybe 4 or 5 year Before
11) Emotions couldn't hurt me so deeply.
12) Things I like
            ☆chocolate cake and ice creams.
            ☆ feeling loved .
            ☆ saying hello to strangers I.
            ☆ beach days.
            ☆ making people smile J
            ☆small gifts that hold a big meaning or memory.
            ☆ evening walk with frnds.
13) When I'm older, I want to be a dentist.(Now I am doing Engineering).
14) I prefer Grape juice & Badham milk mostly.
15) Nov 23, 2009 first time I sat in front of Computer and created my first mail id 
       in yahoo for filling AIEEE
16) I hate watching TV for long time (max.1hr I can).
17) I prefer keyboard chatting than keypad chatting. I hate texting on mobiles 
18) I was, and still am, an ardent viewer of Cartoons.
19) I fail at sticking with things. My interests and hobbies change so frequently
20) I kind of suck at grammar and spelling and all that jazz.
21) I left cricket at 14 bcoz of surgery to my left elbow.
22) is my home page.
23) I am huge fan for Megastar dance, but I never tried to dance.
24) I am not gud at criticising others.
25) I believe our attitude towards our frnds is the sole driving force that takes you 
       to either both ways,Right & Wrong

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