ItZ my Lapi Story

        In 4th semester my roommates Jashwanth and Swaroop bought their new lapis (laptops). As expected, traffic to room increased exponentially, My father used to ask always that whether I need to buy a new lapi for u, But I am not interested in lapi bcoz I have a desktop but later  I understood the that I too need a lapi. I started my search for a good lapi went through diff products and their reviews and at last I fixed to HP Pavilion

      When I was in my 5th semester of Engineering, I somehow managed to convince my father to buy me a lapi and ultimately bought one with an Intel processor. Being a Computer Science Student, I was under the assumption and expected to give enough quality time to the magic box in order to learn some more functions of lapi and become a computer genius. But other than programming, I learned hell lot of other useful stuffs.

        Like for instance, whenever I used to get information that some guy recently got a collection of mvies, I usually used to connect my lapi with his using LAN cable sharing networks and all the stuff. And I learned few basics of Adobe After Effects. Similarly I learned many other useful things related to computers during these days.

        Within the next couple of months my room was glorified with a laptops and I used to protect it with password. One day I was not in my room and Pradeep was in mood to watch few glimpses of a movie which was stored in my system. Pradeep asked Swaroop about my password and Swar0op replied that he changed password I don’t know. Pradeep continued to bug on my lapi. Later when I came back to my room and as I typed my password, then Swaroop asked me what iZ password? I said it iZ ‘still virgin’ (my passwords r peculiar funny) Swaroop asked me wht a password it iZ how do u get such an idea with a baffling tone……

        Juniors addicted to my lapi more than me, I used to make a decent collection of flms, in a short period my lapi became hot spot of flms and softies.  So I got an idea of making ‘My Computer’ shortcut on my desktop as a shutdown bottom when we click on the My Computer button it will automatically shut down J. One of my junior taken my lapi for watching flm he clicked on My Computer as usual but lapi shutdown he tried thrice but he can’t open My Computers windows. He came to me and me xplaned the secret behind the shortcut…

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