Last Night

       Last night, I was in VR Puram to capture the election procedure and to make a live stream to Collector office. Rest rooms are already filled with 2 Govt teachers we had a little conversation.

       I could not go to sleep. My brain literally would not SHUT UP! I literally kept telling myself "go to sleep". And my brain just doesn't like to listen to me. Seriously, I don't know what is that makes me not able to go to sleep. I'm not an insomniac. I'm just this normal person trying to get some sleep. When I hit the pillow (college bag as pillow) I except to fall asleep in a reasonable amount of tim

       When I don't want to go sleep I am constantly almost falling over trying to stay up. It is like my body is trying to make me annoyed. Trying to get my brain to shut up.

       Then I finally go to sleep again. Then, my natural body alarm clock likes to wake me up at seven instead for my actually alarm clock to wake me up at 6:30.Everything is ready for polling but I am still on bed….

       I don't know what else to say because I am still a little tired right now. I guess you could call this is lazy, but I'm just speaking my mind.

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