Ragging phase

I got my admission in University college of Engineering (K.U.) .I was accustomed quite well to the hostel environment and everything seemed to be so perfect and exciting. There was no cable connection at our hostel and internet connection was out of scope. There was not even a single cyber cafe in the entire college campus and the few cafes in the city, used to charge about 20-30 rupees/hour. It was not considered as a crime, if anyone wouldn't have known some of the terms like MP3, Email, URL, and Browser etc. When I was in my school dys I thought, Engineering clgs are the place whr there iz Wi-Fi for 24/7, I thought it would be like Happy days(Telugu flick) the entire scenario was changed.

The ragging phase was going on. Almost one week completed with all these thoughts. One dy in mess I was sitting in front of my senior and he started me asking some freaking questions.
Senior: What iz ur name?
Me: Sravankumar Sripadi sir (Sir at last Mandatory)…
Senior: Which branch?
Me: Computer Science and Engineering sir.
Senior: I think itz the reason for ur show off..
Me: No sir..
Senior: Okay, you so fair which cosmetic product u r using?
Me: No sir, I use ntg sir.
Senior: Say yar, I should also get fairness like u. Which one Fair and Lovely, Garnier, Fairever, Fair and Handsome ….
Senior: Okay, say “I am jersey buffalo” then I will leave u.
Me: Sry sir, not Jersey buffalo it is Jersey cow.
Senior: what an attitude sir jiii, come with me I want to know more abt jersey cow.
Me :( I thought I was screwed up)..
        I was taken to his room, there are abt 5 seniors. They are very hungry and I became food for them. All of them rounded me(Ragging started ), they asked me to remove ur shirt I did(If not situation will be out of my hand).

Senior1: what will do u without senior help?
Senior2: Oh.. He knows more abt cows and buffalos can u teach me?
Senior3: U r get 10dys old to this clg . How dare u to make such a statement to a senior
Me: Sir , I jst corrected the sentence whts wrong in that ….?
Senior1: This iz too much
Senior2: Slapped me……
Me: No doubt I will be here till mrng I should entertain these guys throughout the ni8
        While all these is gng on a senior how is watching frm the other balcony came to room and asked me what happened (actually he don’t the incident).I am abt to xplan he taken me out of the room leave it and don’t repeat it. I am free, I thought it was finished but not. Sravankumar Sripadi became hot topic amg seniors for 3dys all used to ask same question is that u…………….???

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  1. Ha ha very funny
    I to go through these they are very funny
    by reading this I recollected all those
    Thank u Sunny :)


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