Second Semester with Senior

Ragging phase was over and every one of us already connected pretty well with the seniors. By that time, we accustomed to the hostel environment and particularly the hostel food, in fact we raised ourselves up to the level where we could easily tighten our tummy with hell lot of rice, that too merely with some curry and dal. Well, that was our usual kind of hostel mess condition during the last week of every month. We noticed that some of the seniors quite often used to enjoy some extra delicacies, Sometimes the seniors used to contribute few bucks in a group to buy chicken from outside. They used to prepare something really out of the world for them. As expected, such groups usually used to have late lunch/dinner on that particular day/night. Second semester guys usually didn’t dare to demand special delicacies and satisfied themselves with the regular meal….

We used to have one senior in our corridor and pretty close to our room. He was quite huge and used to enjoy most of his time with himself. We didn’t see him interacting much with the other hostel guys. He was the kind of character with whom neither his batch mates, nor even his seniors dared to take unnecessary argument. I still remember his laugh, as whenever he used to laugh the ceiling and the walls of the room seemed to shake a bit.

One fine morning he was also having breakfast with us and we’re not at all surprised to see his consumption rate. He encouraged the entire fresher’s to eat more chapati’s and then all of a sudden, I dared to ask him how much chapati he usually used to consume. He became quite shy that moment and replied "Now a days I can’t eat much, my tummy becomes completely full with just 7-8 chapati’s. When I was a fresher, I used to eat 12-15 chapati’s"

Besides being a foodie, he was also a remarkable cook. Whenever he wanted to have meat, most of the time he used to cook by himself and never got satisfied with anything below 1 KG. It didn’t took us longer to realize that in order to maintain such kind of a lifestyle, that too in a hostel with abundant number of food desperado’s all around . There was no other alternative for him. But sometimes even he was quite generous enough.

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