Development Icon Mr.Modi

        Narendra Modi chief minister of Gujarat, ambitious and shrewd politician, Head of BJP Central Election Campaign Committee and more over he is an icon. Icon of development, icon for youth. Aft Vivekananda and Bhagat singh the leader who inspired more is Modi. The way he developed Gujarat given him national wide popularity, respect and crazy among youth and every Indian.

I am not interested in politics even my fav actor (Mega star Chiranjeevi) has started party joined in Congress and now Central Minister Of Tourism. But now total scenario changed from when I come across an article abt Narendra Modi in Indian Today.

        It became much interesting for me aft Narendra Modi speech in Navbharat Youth Conclave Meeting. The way he started his speech remembered me Vivekananda’s Speech delivered Chicago (1893). He delivered his first three minute speech in Telugu; this made to follow the speech till last sentence. Today youth are not interested in politics abt LB stadium was overfilled with young Indians. Jst one speech changed the perspective of BJP in Andhra Pradesh. It is Narendra Modi’s one man show. Indian politics changed their way after Navbharat Youth Conclave Meeting.
                                                Yes we can …..
                                                Yes we can…..
                                                Yew we will do………by Modi

                One thing i am attracted to Modi not to any particular political party

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