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                    One of my frnd given soft copy those Drams and I watched first episode .I was irritated with those new faces( all looks similarly) and new language I left them a side in my drive. Once again I came across this drama when I am searching for a video in my drives. I watched other episode now I felt that they a bit interesting and continued till the last episode(It taken 8 day)....

Boys over Flowers(BOF):

                 I enjoyed it, but I have no clue how to review it. It’s not exactly typical of what I usually watch, I think it’s too complex screenplay, too long, more juvenile, and the boys were mostly chosen more for the pretty than for their acting skills (Lee Min Ho being an exception). I don’t really know what to say about BOF. BOF begins with an intro track (Almost Paradise) that is really awesome…

As I recall, here are the five main characters
              Geum Jan-di (Ku Hye-sun)
               She is very pretty in acting
               Goo Jun-pyo(Lee Min-ho)
             Lead of F4 team and in Dram as well. Arrogant in being and later   
                            he plays everything to impress and to get Geum Jan-di
             Yoon Ji-hoo(Kim Hyun-joong)
              I thought he was wooden. But it like his characterisation and the
                                                    way  he stands with Geum Jan-di.
               So Yi-jung(Kim Sang Bum)
                                     I liked him here, I just felt like he was too young and 
                                            baby-faced for the role of serious womanizer.
                                           His love track with Geum Jan-di is pretty cool.

              Song Woo-bin (Kim Joon)
                 He was okay.

Playful Kiss:
It was suggested by my friend and she said jst watch this. I got torrent file of Playful kiss and started to download I was shocked it is abt 10Gb as I have an avg net speed it takes abt 57 continues hrs. Without any regret I removed it from my torrent .Later I asked my frnd to download this but he is not interested to waste his 10Gb data on this stupid K-Dram. But somehow I got this form my class girls.
                This drama was rarely boring. It had a whimsical feel at the beginning that I really enjoyed, and kept a light hearted and fun mood throughout. I can explain the plot in one sentence: Playful Kiss is about a simpleminded high school girl whose sole ambition in life is to be with an arrogant, who despises her but eventually tolerates and loves her.

                                Baek Seung-jo(Kim Hyun-joong)
                       I missed the old Kim Hyun-joong from his BOF Days.
                    This character was abt as quite opposite frm Yoon Ji-hoo.
                         He is plain mean and condescending Oh Ha Ni

                                       Oh Ha Ni (Jung So-min)
                          I had so little respect for Oh Ha for never standing
                     up for herself.  She is likable and pure hearted, she never has 
                          any pride or self-respect when others put her down.

There is nothing much more about other characters bcoz the total Dram plays around these two.

After watching these two drams two things are clear
·      * We can win anything with strong determination and patience.
·      * Kdrama guys (In both it same) are cold and arrogant, but they usually 
           learn and grow and have a change of heart at the end of drama.

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