Lonesome collegian

        As our HOD declared herself dat she will not attend for clg and Rakshabandhan. These two discharged hostel. I think it will be void till Monday.
        It is terrible to be alone I think It was the first time I felt lonely and I can’t get out of this boredom. No Facebook, Quora, and Google+. I tried many things to get out of this feeling but I succeed partially.
I got a novel frm Jaswanth’s bookshelf. It is Tea for Two and a Piece of Cake written by Preethi Shenoy an Indian lady writer. I managed to cover 30 pages aft dat I can’t move forward with dat novel.

       No new releases in theatres bcoz of separate state movement. No new flm downloaded. No new stuff in my lapi .I came across my lapi again and again to find any new/interesting thing hidden under the layers of hard disk but I can’t find anything new. On regular days when I abided I used sit in our library, magazines are to be my good company. But I found dat our library is devoid of new edition of magazines these days…
        I shifted my cursor from Entertainment folder to Education folder there I found lot of things new (Bcoz I will not open it normally). I found a sub folder named CSS over there I thought it would be interesting and I started working on examples and I am done with some basic concepts of CSS.

       I checked each room to find something but I found nothing .Sashi is preparing for GATE and Vijayakanth for GRE, but I am roaming in corridors..  I thought to turn these boring hours to be productive. I questioned myself that ‘Why I am not working on my mini project?’

      I pioneered my mini project Virtual Database Administer for Oracle11g/My SQL .I written a fresh code (HTML+CSS) for start-up page of my application. And now my task is to

write the background java code which is heart of the mini project. I slewed to java concepts. Now I found something crispy enjoyable to get rid of boredom…….
See u in the next post.. Njy the weekends……

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