Warm Bodies

You will either love this movie or think it’s stupid.
R” (Nicholas Hoult) is a zombie jst going abt death, doing corpse-y things, thinking corpse-y thoughts. One day as him as his zombie buddies are hungry and on the prowl, he comes across the beautiful Julie (Teresa Palmer) aft he eats her really boyfriend (Dave Franco). R begins to feel something he has never felt in death before. And his heart starts to beat. All he knows is that he wants to keep her. He takes her back to his pad (an airplane) and a montage of getting to know each other ensues. While there he eats her bf’s brains on the DL because eating people’s brains are the closest that the undead have to dreaming. When they do that, they can experience their victim’s memories and it makes them feel alive. Or at least it does in R’s case, he’s an odd one.

The new hunger is a very powerful thing.
lf l don't eat all of him, if l spare his brain,
he'll rise up and become a Corpse like me.
But if l do, l get his memories,
his thoughts, his feelings.
l'm sorry, l just can't help it.
The brain's the best part.
The part that makes me feels human again.

        Julie’s father (John Malkovich) is the leader in this post-apocalyptic world and is building a giant wall around their city where no zombies can get through.  He’s lost his wife to the infection and he isn’t goanna take no more! He’s kind of a general or leader.  Now Julie realizes that she has feelings or R and that he is slowly changing back and she tells everything to her father, but will he not understand and consider her words. And he shouts R and he starts bleeding, Julie convinces her father that Zombies will not bleed but he is bleeding and he is no more zombie he is changing and there are lot of ppl like him we should help them in getting them their life’s back..

        Julie wins over her father and her father realise the fact and he aggress to destruct the huge wall. Zombies are slowing get back their normal state….. Our hero likes his name as R and is not going to change it not bothered abt it…Titles rolls

All in all I found it enjoyable aside from scenes defying logic, but then again, we’re talking zombies here. 
Note: Julie (Teresa Palmer) luks like kristen stewart

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