A lot of Constrains & Complexity

         As I said that it is damn boring last week. I managed to get off it successfully. And I am all most done with my mini project. Madam returned with lot of things that are to be done by us. The first and foremost thing is mini project. She didn't accepted the mini projects that are done by us and assigned new task to complete, she got that tasks from Infosys and it is Employee Management System(platform C with Oracle connection).Now class was divided into teams with the same assignment but different platforms(C,C++,Java &…). We got constrains that are followed in developing of projects. Here starts the complication first our team leader should carve up the task, she is done with her job and I am in Designing and Integrating testing it is first time to hear these words it sounds funny.
My friend (Team leader, Team-B) has a blank face and baffled when our HOD said his platform is Java, bcoz he has no idea of Java concepts and not at all interested in project. I promised him that I will help him coding. As I promised I started java coding and it is almost completed not less in 4hrs (using JSP, JDBC, HTML+CSS) small changes to be made and left it to him. I give it to him, it made him to exhilarate.
It is time to formulate the status of project in class Team-A, Team-C done their presentation well now it is Team-B turn. The thing is he mentioned my name that “I got help from Sravankumar”, that’s it the total situation starts slipping. Madam started scolding him, meanwhile I too got some and she pointed the inefficiency of total team madam adopted the situation and made it weird, awkward and timorousness. But he was happy for saying truth in front of all.
This time I started him teaching a few basics in Java (function declaration, calling, and static fields) and he started picking the points noted and started working on coding first day we completed control flow and home page menu program. And in later sessions we came across function calling and JDBC. And the thing left is reports and documentation.
         Let come to my project, project in C is not easy as project in Java. Basically I am not that depth in to C, our team started coding and I too started my own coding for the same project apart from other. Installed Turbo C++ compiler, as know basic of C I started working on Arrays and Structures. I know the most complexly part of C is Pointer handling. And I faced other complexity in connecting my C program with Oracle data base. I failed storing the data in Oracle data base I referred many books and many websites but I didn't get my program executed. 

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