New friends for Diwali

This semester gone by faster than any semester ever before and I am done with my semester examinations well. As Diwali is a head I planned to go home and I reached bus stop I was shocked by seeing the crowd there

There was a huge crowd to get down from the bus and within a minute I was inside the bus with so much of trouble and the bus was once again filled in completely. I have been travellingon same road about 3 years and this is the first time I am looking into these buses getting crowded and I thought the festival season has bought so many people come out of their house and the government transportations are making a lot of money. The bus is unbelievably crowded where I was not even able to turn my head to face the conductor for getting the tickets. But somehow I managed myself not to fall and held the bars above my head firmly. I could sense my nostrils inhaling and exhaling hot air which was filled with a mixture of smell with flowers, sweets, sweat and many such.. Finally I reached home I 'm exhausted.

I slept for 10 hours to get relief form last day, Mom awaked me and said get ready, and coffee is waiting for you and also get chicken from market. I grabbed bike keys and headed to market. Unlike the other days I could find the streets crowded with people who are in a hurry to complete their last minute purchases for the Diwali festival which falls after two days. Women were out for shopping to void their Men wallet. I can see new josh all in their faces. Some are buying fruits some are busy with selecting dress for Diwali. I was being a silent spectator over many such incidents on my way and finally after 10 minutes I reached the home with chicken.

Here, since I'm back, I connected to internet opened mail box;I notice there are many things I'm yet to figure out. If taken a look, I knew I was goanna find tremendous things yet to be sorted out and there are many things in a pending zone of my mind. I started checking mails some are job advertisements and some are spams and a few count of personal mails, I got a dozen mails from unknowns saying that ‘I like your blog’, ’How did u changed your background’, ‘I like ur post on Dravid it is simple supper’ and some more like this I replayed to mails. In the next tab I switched to BLOGGER.COM I was shocked by seeing the blog traffic and the number of followers following my blog. Those numbers excited me and I found new friends with a kind of same features like I have through my blog …..It was an exhilarating feeling--like a caterpillar emerging out of a cocoon..

                                     Happy Diwali Frnds

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