Today, I'll blog about AWKWARD MOMENTS...
Ooohh aren't we all excited..Well calm down because nothing
exciting here.
Here are just a few of 'That awkward moment when....' that happened to me. That awkward moment when.......

1)…. my friends act gay just to irritate me..
   *this is dedicated especially to 2 of my friends*
2)…. I tried hard for gud writing but my frnd say what is it
3).... when i laugh real loud and you sound like a pig O.O
4).... You're telling a joke but it's not funny and only you
   laugh at your own joke hoping people will laugh along
5).... my friend is hurt and I say random philosophical
   things but it doesn't make sense to me too.
6).... I have an awesome idea but someone telepathically
   steals it
7).... The food I made makes everyone puke
8).... I’m the only one complementing my drawing O.o
9).... The other person replies with one syllable and I have        
    no idea how to continue the conversation
10)... I call someone's name really loudly and the principal
     is the only person who hears me.
11)... when I forgotten how to do math
12)... I say yes to plans and my mum says no so I
     have to think of an excuse
13)... I’m typing down your password and someone is
     staring over your shoulder
14)...I smile at the text and people think it's from
     someone special, but the fact is that the sms was just so   
     damn funny
15)... Someone compliments me and I have nothing nice   
     to say back to them so I awkwardly smile at them
16)... A teacher is walking slowly in front of me and I want
      to run ahead
17)... The advice I given to my friend is the silliest advice
18)... The teacher stares at me in class hoping I’m
     listening to her but I’m playing dots instead.
19)....when some one call me with my name and I got remember thier name
20)... I have more than 20 awkward moments

Hahahaha.. That's it for now I guess. And don't get me wrong,I have way more than 20 awkward moments.. I just wrote down a *few* I could think of now. Believe me, I have A LOT of awkward moments.. O.o

One more: That awkward moment when I ask people for
suggestions and feedback and no one replies O.o
And lastly, one annoying habit,
When you think I'm being moody just because I'm quite, or because i didn't laugh at your joke

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