Brain with Heart

Heart: Hello brain, how are you?
Brain: Hey heart, I am fine. I am a follower of your blog.
Heart: lt's you and l that need to get chatting.
Brain: Go with the flow. Say whatever floats up, pops up,
           and comes up. Anything silly, sweet, stupid, and
           bright,say what you want to say.

Heart: It is very pleasure to talk to you.
Brain:  Pleasure is mine. It is heart I should obey you.
Heart: Come on yar…. you are the king of all organs 
           without you no human can think.

Brain:  Shut up yarr… what about you, you think you are 
           a useless product of god. You are the reason for 
           my survival it is just because of you I get oxidised

Heart: If it is true then why Sravan listen to you than me..
Brain:  You are very emotional you know that.  I don't 
           blame you for whatever you says to Sravan.
           He has been hearing me I have no answer for 
           your question why?

Heart: That’s what I am asking you. Why this fool listen
           to you more than me. Every important issue is 
           disused with you, now a days he is not even
           considering me as his heart.

Brain: Is your anger is truly reasonable…?
Heart: It is reasonable Mr Brain do you think that I am 
           blaming him with no reason?

Brain: Ohhhh.. You had a valid reason, then explain me.
Heart: Ha ha ha it is a joke you are unaware of the 
           problem with me and your Sravan, you are acting 
           smart hooo sorry forgot it is just because of you
           Sravan is tooooo smart.

Brain: Heart, I really like you, you continued to supply blood 
          to me despite of arguing with me. As far as love is
not  only heart but all of us are concerned 
          that who is the main culprit behind it. I am not sure 
          what it is,just like most of the scientific brains.  
          I don't deny that I process certain  emotions related
          to love. But I also warn him against the 
          negative effects.

Heart: You are very smart….
Brain: Compliment is all yours. He doesn't listen me and 
           taking your lines as final in the matter of enjoyment.
           I always warned him not to bunk class on regular day,          
           watching movies before night 
of exam day. But
           he didn't listen
 to me and following your line having 
           no idea of consequences.

Heart: You are blaming me for what Sravan do? He used 
           to follow you. He is just accepting me as just heart
           that is designed for pumping blood.

Brain: Don’t get to emotional be clam just listen to me 
           Sravan is a good boy and naught too I think we are
           responsible for
 what Sravan is.

Heart: Can I ask you something.
Brain: Go on don’t hesitate.
Heart: What he used scribble all the time on his note book?
Brain: They are just silly things, he used to scribble some 
           random lines, comic pictures which make no sense. 
           I think his next post is on this topic

Heart: Is it real, I am very interested to know what he used 
           to scribble all the day.   

Brain: Thanx Mr Heart for having a covenant with me, 
           I'll send a tweet to Sravan that heart is not such
           a bad guy. I got to go he is going to wake up,
           See you later.

Heart: Ok then meet you again after he fall in to sleep 
           have a nice  day.

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