Crazy Conversation

              Beep.... Beep....... message tone is continuously disturbing my sleep early in the morning. Someone is trying much to get a reply from me, but I am not a satiation to reply for those messages. But it is beeping it is not going to stop until I reply for message. !!Shocked!! I got a message from girl, I never used to send SMS, and actually I am not good at texting over mobile keypad bcoz I fell little space over those 9 keys so when I got a message I used to call them back.

Wake up! Sravan it is already 7am ”, I was in confusion that why she messaged me early in the morning and that to in this way, I thought it would be wrong message. Later, I got other from same girl “No rply…. Y so meeru antha busy haaa?” but this time I cared it and went through sent items there I found the reason behind those messages. Someone send messages to her form my phone not knowing to me, first I thought it is one but after scrolling down in sent items I realized it is two. Two girls received messages frm me but it was not me.

Next minute I started searching for Mr Unknown, at last I founded him and it was none other than my roommates. I asked them how it happened they said that they send “good eveng” to all girls in your phone while I am busy in watching Panjaa audio launch. And got replies saying gud eveng in back, two frm girls and it is how we continued to chat. And there are trying to say it is not their fault bocz the gls know that it is not Sravan whom they are chatting for couple of hours even though they continued with it, so we too taken a step to continue the chat. They njyed our chat and we njyed their chat and we had a crazy conversation…… What Sravan why are u over reacting for such a small issue, and more over you are getting Crazy lover boy image over girls. I am blank….I have no Idea what to do after hearing.

I checked each and every line of chat. They tried to convey that I have feeling for her, but actually not. All lines are over rated what a girl think about a boy when she receive “U r my loved one dear if U don’t believe how other can believe me”, after this I warned them not to send message from my mobile unless my permission.

How can I face her in our next meeting and I have no idea how this crazy conversations takes in future. I can’t say her that it is not me bcoz it is my frnd who made it.
No such thing repeated again for 2 years but now again they got my phone and they send message to my cls mate___________________________________.

Who should be blames when a leaf falls frm a Tree...???
Is it the Wind who Blew it away.....?? Or the Tree dat let it go...??
Or is the Leaf who got tired of holding On....!!

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