Last Page ヅ

The pages of my notebook...Where you can find me and what I am

The last page of my notebook...
A place where you will know my secret crush's name got after striking of name by FLAMES. Then strike it off so that no one sees and not giving a chance for my friends to tease

A place where you can know the percentage out of the marks I got

The last page of my notebook...
A place where I chat with my friend Santosh when the class is going on Unable to listen the boring lecture since morning

I scribble random things that comes to my mind and even try drawing the funny face of Ma'am when we have a boring classes.
You can find beautiful lines of my favourite song.

Last page, where I come to know that my pen iz working or not.

Last page, place where I used to note down the important questions for the next exam.

Classes late by five minutes then I will open last page and play the word building and some small games that are done with in a page.

Last page of my notebook, a place where I show my angry, when I got angry I used to tear the last page.

I use my last page to disturb my friend who is listening class very carefully with my last page throwing it on him.

Last pages of my notebooks... aren't just pages, they are much more...

They are precious diaries... where I unknowingly treasure our teenage memories...

“Call me last page
But I have my own identity
I awake artist /poet in you..

Call me last page
But I store numbers of your frnds
Being used for love and share

Call me last page
Where you will have all silly and stupid
Where you can see what you are

You have all, I am with noting just with a tag LAST PAGE…” 

Comment abt ur last page belooowwwww.......................

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