What I have learnt from University

I've just done some reflection as to what university has really taught me. Have I become better at maths? Not really. Am I better at drawing up financial documents?  Then I realised that leaving home and going to university is as much about learning about yourself as it is about learning the subjects you're being taught. So what have I learnt about myself?

I have seen in movies and heard from people; university is all about ragging, alcohol, fraandship, bunking to cls, labs but mostly about the first two. I came here and realised how little I care about either. The government has vilified ragging but in our clg it is not, and coming to alcohol it take whole session to write about. I was not going out of my way to find either - and I was content. I imagined my mums face if I caught by police for ragging my juniors or something. That kept me on a steady keel. The image of my mums face. Gosh, I really am a kid

I am the most pragmatic person. I know I am so proud for what I am. I love telling people about the lovely things back home. I love how different everyone is here; I was never a reader I read roughly 5-6 novels. I realised how average I am at studies. Anyone who's been on this blog for more than a few seconds will know what I am. I was one of the better among the group of boys..

On a somewhat similar point, I found out that I'm happier spending an evening alone at home, with good internet speeds. Facebook, chatting with frnds, hangouts on g+ …. You don't appreciate people till you leave them. I only really understood how cool my parents were once I left home. They
do stuff on time, they plan things out, they know how to handle people and navigate situations....I have some way to go. When you go to a new place you realise the value of home and people who will be there no matter what. It's that unconditional love I crave.

I guess above all, university teaches you what life alone is like.
  • How to do laundry? 
  • How to wash dishes? 
  • How to 'cook'?
  • How to be friends strangers?
  • How to plan one's day and more importantly, one's work?
How to spend wisely and how to save bugs wisely - and how to face the consequences of not doing both. It's about creating a second home, somewhere else. I seemed to have made good ground in learning all those things.

And the other thing I learned is Photoshop from my friend Santosh, English words from Jashwanth, framing sentences with those words from Pradeep, Math from Sashi, How to ppr for xams from Swaroop, laughing big for a small issue from Phani and thing from many other….

How well I've learnt the things? I was supposed to learn much more. What my next few months of college will be like, I don't know. All I do know is that I can't wait to get out into the REAL world and start working and buying a motorcycle and all the other challenges that come with the next step of the way.

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