Another year passed

A year sometimes seems like a long period of time, and other times it seems to go by so quickly. 2013 is the year that went by so fast, maybe a little too fast. It's the year my so called friend walks
out of my life, and it's the year I realize who the real ones are. It's the year I look back on all the lifetime memories in which I find myself with me in it. It's the year I felt the most pressure to the point I gave up so many times but I am still learning how to get back up. It's the year I said I am gonna accomplish great things yet I feel like I just wasted time. But it's also the year I move on, slowly, and I realize that it is okay :) A lot can happen in year, let me tell you.

Jan 1st 2013, I am in Hyderabad attending classes of Java and Oracle. Our HOD called us for the 5th semester, all of our classmates went to college for 5th semester and this time it’s my turn to lead the class for a whole semester. I thought it would be easy but day by day I came to know how bitter it tastes, with the help of Reshma (Leader from girls) we both tuned ourselves in such a way that no one should point us for our fault. In presence of her I felt comfort it’s my version when I came to know that she felt a bit of warmness I came to know that I am arrogant, wooden. I started thinking about myself from her perspective to find fault in me, I got a few but those are negligible. I used to spent minimum of ten minutes in HOD cabin to submit attendance and the statics of classes that are going on. At the first I felt tough to face our mama but later it became very common for me. This time our exam scheduled very earlier, it is at the end of month April. For this semester I used to wake up till 1am before night of exam to complete the syllabus. I am done with exams and I
successfully completed my 5th semester.

Anything I enjoyed in 2013 is in months of May and June. After completing my semester I went to Hyderabad to complete the Java and Oracle that I had left in the month of Jan. As a team of seven members my frnds and I use to stay in two room with seven beds in them. We planned our days in such a way that daily three session of classes. After completing the classes we used to have dinner and after dinner the real fun starts all of seven used gather to one and used to chit chat abt the day how it went, we used went out for ice creams and puffs and bhla..bhla..On weekends we went to films.

This year I am a bit overly obsessed with social media and my imaginary friends -Facebook— these is the only link to my past, my friends from high school or college. I get closer to a set of people with my blog and I am having a decent count of fans for me and my crazy lines. I realized that there are many things about myself that I didn't know.

This is the year I came across Kooky kempt Korean dramas. I got those from my class mates they are very new and some thing I ever seen before I watched Boys Over Flowers. I enjoyed it, it is the first Kdrama I came across. And the second one is Playful Kiss This drama was rarely boring. It had a whimsical feel at the beginning that I really enjoyed, and kept a light hearted and fun mood throughout. The moment my roommates came to know that I got these from my class girls I thought I am finished. While I am watching those drams they used to tease me “What buddy what so interested in that, interested in drams or girls from where you got these?” They literally they fried my brain. In this year we had Farewell party for our seniors, Teachers’ day and a Workshop. I have seen many thing in this year which I never came across.
Regarding my personal life, everything has been getting better last year. Living so close to my parent’s home gives me the possibility to see my relatives and friends more often. I don’t know what is going to happen next year, but I am sure it’s going to be awesome. 

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