Crazy version of AIDS

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to my show "Crazy version"!   Each  week we  interview  a famous  celebrity  and  this  time  on  our  show  we  have  none  other  than  AIDS!  Yes ladies and gentlemen the same AIDS which is believed to be more dangerous!!   So let's welcome him here and let's hear his crazy version!!

I think no introduction is required so let get in to show…

Me   :  Hello Mr AIDS welcome to the show “Crazy version, its too
                    good to have you here.

AIDS :  Hi Mr Crazy, thanks for inviting me to your show. But 
           I am bit busy so let's wrap this show as soon as possible.

Me   :  Ok sir, I know that you are the busy one, but can you
           explain your word busy.

AIDS : Yeah, off course busy. There are many people who
           wants to meet me. But they don’t know that once 
           they meet me I can't  leave them.

Me   : Sir, can I know your full name please.

AIDS : Acquired immune deficiency syndrome   

Me    : Place of birth and time of birth?

AIDS : Sorry, I am not invented I am just discovered.

Me    : You said that many people are waiting for you by
           which mean you will interact with them. 
           Like FB or any other.

AIDS: No, I am not in to social media my opponents will 
          use it to kill  me and make awareness among other.

Me   : Opponents, who are they.

AIDS : It's none other than human beings.

Me    : From the time you invented you are getting a 
           huge crazy and  you became most successful, 
           can you say the secret behind it.

AIDS : It's not my success, it is human being ignorance.

Me    : Let me get in to some personal, what is your fav dish?

AIDS  : Human Immunity power. 

Me     : Who is your best friend I mean with whom you 
            can't exist.

AIDS   : Human immunodeficiency virus

Me      : I think your crazy is getting down, what do you say?

AIDS   : Yaa, I to agree with you. People are getting more 
             aware of me  and avoiding me.

Me      : Oh avoiding you, but why and how?

AIDS    : I used to kill the people whom I meet. People 
              terrified by seeing me, but they don't know how
              to escape from me. Government started AIDS 
              awareness program all over the  world, and many 
              social workers, film stars and even common man 
              support it and started to keep me away.

Me       : You answered why but how?

AIDS    : By having safe sex, taking precautions at the time 
              of  pregnancy, going to a blood test before having a
              third party  blood into their body and adopted 
              single usage injections,  razor etc.
Me       : And final word to viewers who are viewing this show.

AIDS    : Be aware of me once I meet you its way to death.

Me      : Thank you AIDS for sharing your valuable word with us.
So, it's AIDS and his crazy version after listing all I have some word for you “Be aware of AIDS, don't hesitate to discuss on this topic with your children and whoever it may be”. That all for today's show I hope you all enjoyed this show, we will again meet in the next show with another celebrity bye.. bye…. take care.

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