Thank U so much

For all of you who have been reading my posts or who have just joined my page, I would love to bring you to the point where and when the world came to listen my crazy version (blog). I have been writing for the past three years now without fail. I remember starting this blog done without any idea of blogging and BlogSpot. I came to know that one of my friends from my Inter College earns through website by his own, I was shocked and started googling about it then I found I signed up with my Gmail account. Later I joined for my B.Tech and I forgotten that I had a blog. Dec 2012 once again I started to blog regularly.

I started with 10 hits. Today, I reached the 10,000 milestone. It did take time, but slowly I built my audience, who accepted my words for what they are. Be it India, USA, Russia, UK, and many countries from where you read, I’m happy you appreciate.

I started to exploit Google + and all other social media to get myself connected to all possible writers. I have received some critiques, both positive and negative which are very useful in building my writing journey from all of you my valuable readers. Thank you so much!

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