Krazy friend request

      Like every day, I logged into my fb account and noticed a friend request from unknown person. Profile pic is astoundingly good enough that I can’t refrain myself from messaging her. So it started like this

On Monday 10:06pm
ME:I guess I haven’t seen you. Do u know me?

On Tuesday 01:51pm
SHE: No, I don’t know you but wanna be a friend of you.
SHE: could you add me, please??

On Wednesday 01:14pm
 Who doesn’t want to add when it is from a sizzling hot babe? I accepted her friend request.

On Thursday 11:4 am
SHE: hey thanx for accepting me.
ME: it’s ok.

      This is how our friendship started with a friend request. Initially, we had very succinct chat and time taking replies. I don’t know whether we are conning each other by late replies and abrupt stopping. Sooner or later it gained momentum and we came to know about the courses we were pursuing, whereabouts, favorite hero, heroine, flower, color etc. it is like we knew each other pretty well. I use to wait eagerly till afternoon for her message and as soon it flashes I feel I am the happiest person in the city. She regularly comes online in the afternoon and every chat we had is as fresh as morning breeze, if she could not make out to fb any day that would be like a terrifying nightmare to me. One day, I decided to ask her mobile number and asked her as soon as the dialogue box is opened. She told me that she is staying in a private hostel and availing her roommate’s laptop whenever she gets the opportunity and she does not have any mobile phone to contact. This struck like a thunderbolt and I almost had a heart-attack because I have been imagining all the time me and her talking hours together like every other couples whomsoever I have seen so far. I thought of gifting her brand new mobile by cutting down all my expenses. 

        Our friendship or relationship whatever it is grew stronger than metamorphic rocks. After months of chatting we planned to meet each other on Sunday in Hyderabad in a mall which is near her hostel. I bought a mobile which might not be the best but am sure she will love it. It is wrapped in a vibrant and colorful wrap paper and placed it safely in my bag. I cooked up a story and told my parents that I am going to write an exam and left to bus station, boarded safely into a bus and luckily got a window seat. I was lost in reverie until I heard conductor shouting HYDERABAD. I went directly to the mall I was asked to come and she told me to wear white shirt and blue jeans so that she could recognize me, fortunately my favorite color is white. When I asked about her color combination she told me that she will surprise me. Wishing me luck I went inside the mall and reached ALLEN SOLLY branded clothing and fazed to see a close school buddy of mine with whom I had a petty fight in school. Due to ego problems I never spoke to him and he is no more in my life. Thousands of questions popped up in my mind and to my shocking he is coming towards me with a funny smile plastered on his face. He asked “did you come for your girl friend?” I was breathless when I heard him asking something which world does not know, not even my mom knew it. Then I retorted with a simple answer NO. He started laughing like crazy; rolling on the floor and within fraction of seconds I understood what had happened all these days. He narrated me the whole story, I was made fool all these days and finally I started laughing for being such an idiot. We threw our egos aside and hugged each other for long time and gave mobile phone to my friend and started enjoying from that day like hell……….

P.S : My dear friend Jashwanth indited this short Krazy story, from his Krazinezz..


  1. Is this a true story? :)
    Very nicely expressed. Could feel the excitement of the first date & then the shock! :)

    1. No itz not true story :) itz a fiction :D
      Thank U :)

  2. The twist in the end made all the story very interesting !!!
    Nice Read !!

  3. Fantastico and renovatio man... :)


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