Krazy Koffee

23rd Jan 2k14

              Train reached Yeshwanthpur JN. A new place to face new faces, today I am here to attend SSB interview (5 days interview process) for Naval officer and I went to my friend how is waiting for me to receive. We both went to a Koffee Kafe and we ordered Koffee. . The koffee shop smelled of musk with a hint of Koffe beans. It’s a cold windy day and I’m at the window table trying to catch a glimpse of the sun and to get relaxed but not, in my mind lots of things are going.

               I am lost, lost in my own ocean of thoughts it’s difficult to breathe, the water is boiling hot, it pains, there are no islands, and no boats. I know how to swim but can't manage the moxie.
               I am void numb and destroyed. I can feel the blood oozing inside. I am stupefied, trying to simplify entangle the threads of reality and virtuality, trying to feel but not. I am forcing myself and I am ready to face interview.
               With all these thoughts I feel suffocation and standing on the needle of expectations. I can see that my friend is say something but I am not listing him, he too understood that I am not listing him and he tapped me and asked “where were u? Here is your Koffee come back to earth and have it”.

              By taking the coffee mug I seen the line A lot can happen over a cup of coffee, It sounds apt for it that has caught the hearts of people across the length and breadth of the globe including me. I love Koffee (but I will not take much). My belly bubbled and squeaked and bones started to melt, It fugue of sweetness and savor so delightful. I lost myself in the first sip itself and I forgot all and now I am void with no !dea where I am and for what I am here. I am still sipping forgetting that the mug was empty I felt silly J when I found that the mug was empty. My friend who was watching me, laughing at my weird behavior. And asked “What happened man? Want another cup of Koffee? Shall I order?”. I said “I am fyne no thanxx J”. Don’t be numb and wooden man, ppl here will thing you are Krazy he adds………..of course I am Krazy I smiles………J


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