Odd but True

In the hostel, everyone use to get the chance of wearing our friends outfit even I get the chance of wearing my friends good looking shirts, jerkins etc. when I put on those brand new on me I feel reasonably comfortable and need not worry about strains and smudges because of sole reason “that’s not mine”. Very odd but one has to accept the fact.

Each and every student might have a favorite “ADDA” for their hangouts which would surely be a canteen in their college life. If one gets the opportunity of entering amount in the canteen’s account book, he writes it in other’s account likewise other does the same. Quite natural and funny J

We go to our friend’s home and look for our friend’s footwear at the stand to know whether he is at home or not without letting the parents see us. Strange but true

We get a call from our friends and miss it unknowingly then we will be ready with our hands on the phone as if we are ready for a buzzer round in KBC. Every student must accept this.

Running in the corridor of college as it is getting a bit late to the h.o.d class and relishing at the mere idea of her leave. As soon as you enter the class you will be surprised and simultaneously blissful to notice your h.o.d’s absence in class.

If one’s fav hero flm released then will get tickets from his pocket after getting out of film we rap him bcoz of time waste(even the film is good)……

Every morning we fight with our roommates’ bcoz he will not take care of his blanket and keep the room untidy and we pick apart the other for the reason of untidiness……

When we are going out our friends asks us “Pleas yar bring something to eat” we will buy something and on the way to hostel we only eat what we brought for our friend…

We still love ourselves even after doing many mistakes,
Then how can we hate others for their single silly mistake.

Having gone through all of this, U feels it some ways stupid post now. It's strange, but true J.

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