Hold It….

        One of my friendz asked me how you can hold it even if it iz not your fault. I mean hurting your own selves for somebody else’s, rather than telling them that they are wrong. How can you tolerate? Why don't you make other person realize that you don't deserve to be treated like this? Why you never get angry? How you manage all especially when you have to deal with a friend like your roommate arrogant and who has a habit of putting off all his aggressiveness to you.

       Whenever I feel angry I will stay calm. I get angry like others but very rarely and my anger comes for a very short period of time usually for 5 to 10 seconds and then disappears. I guess my silence is the reason behind this. May be that’s why people don’t get scared of me and say whatever they like, even if it hurts me. I don’t want to praise my own self, I’ll look like a fool then, but I’m satisfied with my anger issues as they are minor and controllable. Remember one thing Angry will wipe your sense.

Secondly, think of his good qualities. There will definitely be something good in him, something I like about him, that's why I tolerate him. Can I lose a friend just because of his one/two acts?

Thirdly, I keep telling myself that I am the one who is not on the right path. As showing anger is forbidden then how can I think that I am right when I am doing something which is forbidden?

Lastly, true friends are too little. I can't afford losing a true friend just because of his weird nature. When I don't know which battle he is fighting. Maybe he is actually right and there is no point of showing grudge.

We still love ourselves even after doing many mistakes,
then how can we hate others for their single silly mistake . . . ?

And realize that, he iz your friend of your choice and if he iz wrong it mean that you are wrong, think once when you are keeping your friend away from you, not talking to him just bcoz of silly reasons. He iz the one with you for years jst bcoz of something don’t call off your friendship I too know that everyone has his own EGO and SELF RESPECT, don’t make them as the barricades between you and your friend itz not necessary to prove yourself right always. Our friends are jst like us and in some parts more than us. They are precious and deserve to be treated in same way how we treat ourselves.

         Sometimes I think how things changes within a blink of the eye? How things change in just a fraction of a second? How people change their behavior so often and don't even realize that this change is affecting the people around them? How do people become so arrogant and stubborn? What is the reason behind this change??

        Why do people tend to act superior and over smart and make all the people around against them? Why do they create this negative impact on the people around them? Why don't they understand that they have to face the consequences of their own acts?

And l’m reminding you that.... life's very short,
So go on break the rules,
Forgive quickly.... laugh uncontrollably,
And never regret anything that made you smile J


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