Krazy Digital Painting

        I am a Computer Science student. At an age over twenty I am going through the process of Digital Painting from the first time. Specifically I am working on Adobe Photoshop using Pen Tab.

       So I am learning how to draw. The last time I had picked up a pencil was in my fourth grade drawing class. I always liked art, and fancied myself somewhat talented, but I had never undergone any drawing aft fourth class. I’d had very limited experience with seriously drawing the figure when I started the class- I’d only taken a portrait drawing class.

        Here comes the problem what to draw? I thought of many things to draw and tried them but they remains as failure later I realized that Good drawings almost always start with a good gesture. I got an Idea of drawing two who are in love..  

        To begin the process, I had to do the block-in. That is, determine the outermost points on the top, bottom, left and right, and draw outer line based on those points. Identified the placement of the borders. Then I began to roughly sketch in my outline, and shade in around the outline to highlight its visibility. The next step was to apply colors. My drawing is still incomplete. I worked painstakingly, frustrated and annoyed. But with the guidance of my friend Santhosh to get me over the hurdles, I am encouraged at how much I have learned and grown. 
        Slowly but surely, I am finally drawing. I trust my hand to reproduce a line where it should go. And I know I can always erase, and fix my mistakes! I don’t know at what point I began trusting what I saw, but I know that now I do it.  So much that I have arrived here. During the entire drawing process, there is one tool that I used constantly to check and correct my work as it progressed. When you draw, your eyes get tired very quickly, and they become “lazy.” After two solid hours of work and dedication, I can honestly say that using the sight-size method, anyone with a little bit of patience and a lot of perseverance can learn to draw well. The following image is a completed.


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