Excuses in Lab Execution….

            Lab is often the SLy friend, you have to execute programs. It would hurt us more to realize of this fact that executing it in ignorance… For a Computer Science student like me will have two labs one with Compilers(C, CPP, Java…) and other with Electronic devices (EDC, MP….).

       c, it is the first lab in my Engineering life. For me it is
String handling in final lab external, which I have no idea of code and I can’t execute it and I am in a hurry to catch the bus to my home. I went to madam with an innocent face and said, “Madam I tried much, but I can’t execute it”, after listening my word madam she excused me and written executed on my answer script. I am disappointed, I am so disappointed. I am disappointed not because it not executed, but because I missed the bus …

       Data Structures, a lot has happened today. But the end could not have been worse, doing text book programming for more than 3 hours now and don' t know how much longer would it take to complete my Data Structure' s practical file. I really wanna sleep but this programming thing is keeping me awake. I can’t fight with it anymore. I picked five programs and started on those it taken 45min to understand all those lines, and believe me, it’z a terrible feeling..! Luckily I got two programs from those five I learned and I executed them without any failure.
        I felt much for these two labs and rest of computer labs are free from executing errors.

     A lot more happens in Electrons lab with diodes, flip-flops etc… Half adder, full adder, full adder with a carry, Master-Slave flip-

flop uffff wht the f#@k all these furcates me on the day of exm bcoz I have no idea how to make them. Usually Santosh will take the responsibility of explaining to Shiva Tez and me about all the experiments and how to do them on the day before the exam, he manages all in jst one hour. Shiva can get in the first time itself but I can’t, I need a second time explanation. When I ask Santosh for the second time Shiva take the opportunity of explaining  and he explains in a very funny way take that wire keep in that hole(bread board), on switch, note values, that’s  it see how simple. On the day of exam while doing the experiment Bhavani, Swetha and Naresh helps me to complete the task. As I am not interested in Electronic everything seems to be weird . . . 

your stomach iz eating rice or grass it was the first complement that I got from our sir on the first day itself bcoz in DE I supposed to use Direct Current but I supplied Alternate Current which result in short circuit and all the components burnt. It iz not the first time I destroyed the college property in Basic Electronics lab also I did the same and it ensue with 20mrks out of 50(jst pass).

       Oh god there is no Electrical lab in final year. . . . . . 


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  2. Hi sravan,

    With each line that i was reading, i was able to connect you with myself. Like u i too m a cse student from bangalore and even i struggled with wires along with getting just 20 (just paas) out of 50 in mp lab..haha glad that its over now. And btw ur post is very nicely scripted...u may not be a very good cs student but m sure u r a very good blogger..cheers !!

    1. Itz not prob of jst U and me it is prob of every CS student when it comes to Electrical labz...
      ThankZ for read and complement :)


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