Let My Dreams comes True ヅ

The dreams which I saw from my blissful heart,
Never knew that you are the beauty of those dreams.
Whom I was searching everywhere,
Never knew that you are of my love .

What is this secret?
What did you do as if you filled the darkness with the moonlight?
Why to make the moon and the stars so famous?
You are even better than them?
Nobody comes to the gates of my heart, only you are needed.

In all directions there is noise of Shehnai,
That you've started towards me..
I am cloud and you're the sky,
You're close but where are you?
You're not my insistence but my habit.
I see colors flying and all beautiful,
Wherever I see you in my dreams..
Sometimes I ask myself, if I am good enough for you.

Come; Make as a better person,
Come; Teach slowly how to love ,
Come; get some talks of love with you ,
Come; express your love a little .
Come; shows me that our love is true .

Oh my beloved , A disorganized dream
Each of my insistence is limited to just you,
All my childish behavior is limited to just you,
Oh my beloved , A disorganized dream
Make me a place which I would never, ever see.
In pure silence I will be your heart beat and I will be with you

I will be the end to your Nightmares;
I will be guarding your way to the clouds.
I will be your last tear which says a very good bye to all your sorrows.!
You are my dream, my love , my life….

My whole youth is limited to you only..
My story start in you,
My story ends in you alone.. I hope that one day
 you'll love me,
 I'll be waiting for that day to come,
You'll say I love you.

P.S : My dreams, just a distant memory of someone I thought was      
          my ideal soul mate.


  1. Hello
    Unknowingly i came across your blog and
    fall in reading with your writings.
    I like your writing and I wish let your dreams come true

    1. Thanks for reading
      Welcome to Itz My Krazy Version :)

  2. did u write this or did u get this from any other source???


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