Krazy Last Nyt

I went to bed early to try and get some rest. But I found myself lying in bed awake in the middle of the night, worrying that if I didn’t get back to sleep soon I’d been even more tired and wouldn’t be able to finish the work I promised to get finished by Monday.

(Lying in bed awake)
Me: (to myself) You really need to sleep, You have to wake up early tomorrow morning. Do you believe it’s already 12:21am. . .

(more time passes)

Me: (to myself) Why can’t you sleep? you are tired. You did all the right things. Lights were dim, didn’t do anything active in the last 3 hours … oh wow, it’s already 1:14 am. How are you going to function tomorrow…

Usually I go to bed when I can barely keep my eyes open but when I have something important to wake up for the next day and want to go to sleep early, I always find it hard to fall asleep.

It is frustrating. The more I want to sleep, the more awake I become.

I got up from bed and try to do some work. I know it is not good to stimulate the mind when you are trying to sleep but it seemed like a waste of time to just lie in bed awake. I would work until my eyes became heavy and then go to bed. The next morning I would have a hard time waking up and be easily distracted all day. I started to watch a video on how to fall sleep, but gave up in two minutes. I found a technique that has worked very well to help me sleep. It is effective to watch fav movie, my KMplayer got into confusion what to select Rang De Basanti or Jab We Met finally it went with Rang De Basanti. . . Later I came to know that we can't get sleep while watching your fav movie becz it is your fav. I paused the movie and started writing this, this method is so effective that I almost fell asleep writing this post.

I’m not kidding.

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