Just a passing thought . . .

        As I walk in solitude in the midst of a crowd of millions, everyone seems to appear unknown. Every face that stares me tends to say a thousand words but yet they’re quiet. Probably this is what makes your closed ones always so special, ever so precious. But I now belong to a different world, a world which is devoid of care, intimacy and selfless love. I wonder if the emptiness can ever be filled, the vacuum that has been created in the absence of my friends.
       Someone once advised me to bask in the glory but not to tan myself and now when I try to walk in the road that I’ve chosen, am afraid that I never learnt a lesson. Everything in life now tends to lose its worth and every achievement appears too small when compared to the exuberance that filled the air whenever even a simple bet was won. It is like regretting waking up all of a sudden from a good dream and wish if it would have never ended.
         As I walk in solitude in the midst of millions, I try to find those old routes which led to the path of an institution that probably gave me everything in life. It gave me an army of friends who always stood by my side at the hour of need and bestowed the love which is nothing but priceless. I now no more doubt the existence of God anymore because without Him showering the best at me, I did nothing to deserve something this great.
       The countdown has begun and my journey from the real world to the world that still remains a mystery comes closer. The departure is near and the pain of detachment grows increasingly intense. I so wish to be able to hold back the time or stop it where it is but life is like a flowing river and we have to get going.
       As I walk in solitude in the midst of millions, I just wish to come back soon to this divine land and relive the moments of my past which according to my friends are forever here to stay.

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