Hi, I am your new GOD 😉

          I started noticing some not so good things happening in the society from a couple of years like sudden emergence and swift expansion of a terrorist outfit IS, who wanted to establish Caliphate (they are using Caliphate just to arouse the feelings of religious Muslims), killing of secular writers in India (right wing extremism seen purportedly after BJP came to power), serial killing of secular bloggers in B'desh(seen after Sheikh Haseena opened the trial of Liberation War crimes)etc...I started wondering why everything is intricately related to God.
While I was pondering over the issue, a witty thought popped up in my mind. We usually see people asking what do you want to have if God is present and often hear a lot of regular and some weird replies as well like I wanna be the richest or most handsome guy on this planet or beautiful women or I wanna be a bird so that I could fly wherever I wanted to or I want to see US collapse etc. But if I get to see him and get a chance to make a wish I would definitely say "I WANNA BE YOU".
Yes I always wanted to be God (at least let me when I am writing on my blog I am not a narcissist) and explore what God actually does and how he manages all the things. Most importantly I wanted to know whether all the Hindu Gods (33 lakhs) really exists. Of course want the people to pray me so that I could grant them their wishes etc.
Now what do I do after becoming the god- I don’t say I will completely eliminate crime, violence, hunger, poverty, sexual, regional inequalities blah blah. I will leave them for people to handle it. If they don’t have any problem life will be like going in a Harley Davidson on highway with 30 mph. that sucks!!!As I knew people are so intelligent here they can handle these problems pretty easily without expecting much help from ALMIGHTY.
Currently people meet God through intermediaries (pandits, bishops, sufis) but I would want to completely overhaul and rationalize the existing system and create a new one where one can reach him without the help of third person.
I didn’t say what would be the first file I would like to sign after my promotion to God, I will try to supplant all the faiths by a single faith so that people don’t get a chance to fight over petty religious issues and politicians don’t resort to communal politics. And make this world a better place to compete for. Let humanity live longer..!!

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