3 Lessons to be learned from Trump Victory

        As I sit back and think about how Trump won the show, I seen all his speeches and debates on YouTube and gone through the survey and people opinion on Trump before he won. I am quit interested to know about Trump and started with Wikipedia and ended with motive to write something what I have learned from his success.

Believe yourself(Nothing Will Work If You Don’t…)

        To reach the peaks of Everest, you must fully believe in yourself and your ability. As human beings we naturally have the tendency to get stuck on the negative and think about all of our losses for the day, instead of counting our wins and finding all of the good that took place. 
        As I am writing on Trump lets take Trump life. He started real estate career at his father's company. Later he was made the president of the company in 1971 and he renamed the company to The Trump Organization. Trump's big deals were the development of the Grand Hyatt Hotel,Trump Tower and many more. Downfall of Trump starts in 1991 and hotel and casino businesses of his have been declared bankruptcy six times. He never let him down he started produce and host the NBC reality show, again he tasted the success.


To be determined
        The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful ones is that successful people are determined to make the situation work for them rather than playing the role of the victim and searching for reasons why a situation won’t work. None of the survey shown that Trump gonna will but he did loss his determination. I think this negative impact made by survey made Trump to fight back very hard and made him US president.
Pretend yourself like Champion
        When ever Trump speak or address public you can notice he himself address as Champion, The winner, The president of America. Thinking positive and empowering thoughts is one thing, but talking to yourself like a champion reconditions your thought process in an instant. When you form the habit of talking to yourself like a champion you don't give the negative and discouraging thoughts the time of day.
        With power and conviction, repeat phrases such as, “I am the greatest at what I do,” “There is nothing that I can’t do when I fully commit myself,” and “There is nothing ordinary about me. I am a champion.” 
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