8 unknown facts of 26/11 Mumbai Attack

        India has seen a number of terrorist attacks since independence. While each of the attacks left a scar on the heart of every Indian, the worst among all the terrorist attacks was the 26/11 Mumbai attack of 2008. 26/11 attack was different in a sense that for the first time, terrorists trained in Pakistan, used the sea route to enter India. The terrorists who participated in 26/11 Mumbai attacks were highly trained and were preparing for this strike for quite a long time. Their objective was to create terror.

1.Attacked tourist attractions of Mumbai
All these terrorists want to spread terror in the city and hence they attacked popular tourist attractions in Mumbai, such as the Taj Mahal Hotel, Leopold’s Cafe/Restaurant, and Oberoi Hotel.

2. Number of people killed and injured
The terrorists killed almost 164 people and injured more than 600 people.

3. Taken drugs
To stay awake for long hours, these all terrorists had taken cocaine and LSD during the attacks to sustain their energy and stay awake for 50 hours.

4. It was planned attack
According to the media reports, 26/11 attack in Mumbai was a planned attack by Pakistan’s terrorist organization, Lashkar-e-Taiba.  The attackers had planned the attack several months ahead of time and knew some areas well enough to vanish and reappear after security forces had left. The attackers used at least three SIM cards purchased on the Indian side of the border with Bangladesh. There were also reports of a SIM card purchased in the US state New Jersey. According to a report published in New York Times it was believed that Indian, British and American Intelligence had some kind of input about Terror plot in India, but they failed to coordinate.

6. Ajmal Amir Kasab and Abu Dera Ismail Khan killed 22 Muslims
Ajmal Amir Kasab and Abu Dera Ismail Khan killed about 58 people at CST including 22 Muslims, and injured more than 104 in just 15 minutes.

7. All terrorists killed except one
According to the media reports, there were 10 terrorists who entered in the city through sea and out of 10, 9 terrorists were killed. Mumbai Police and NSG Commandos arrested one terrorist named Mohammad Ajmal Aamir Kasab. He was hanged till death.
8. Railway Police filed case
To your surprise, Railway Police filed a case against Ajmal Kasab for entering CST railway station without ticket. It is one of the funny facts about 26/11 attack in Mumbai.

        These were some lesser known facts about 26 11 Attacks in Mumbai in 2008. It is often called as India’s 9/11 and one of the deadliest Terrorist attack in India.

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