Koffe with Karan Session 5

        Again I totally fell in love with show, just now watched the show on HOTSTAR. While watching the frist episode I relized how I missed the most contravention couch and a confession couch. It is simply super and I can say it as Kraziest eposiod that I ever watched.
        Shahrukh and Alia I tought they were on show to promote their new film Dear Zindagi, but it's not went how I tought the show carried in such a way it is beyond the promotion for a film. It all revealed their current state of mind, their relationship and how insecure and competitive. And I was stuck in a thought how someone can managne the screen between SRK and Alia but after watching trailer of Dear Zindagi I came to know I was wrong. And after watching this show I admit I am totally wrong. I know you might be thing what all this crap. Ok Ok I am geeting on plot.
        Getting into the episode Karan managed to ask the most controversial questions right in the start but Alia had the most diplomatic answers Alia never admitted to being in a relationship and she said, “I never dated Varun. And I am not dating Sidharth either. I am dating none of them and I am single right now.”
        Shahrukh and Karan have been the best of buddies since time immemorial and their “chemistry” was pretty much evident all throughout the episode. More than Alia, it was Shahrukh who illuminated the show. Shah Rukh, who has always been witty, this time too, had some really cool answers to every question put forth by KJo.

And here are some interesting statements made by both guests
@SRK – “I have to justify my nationalism, you have to justify your love for me.”
While Karan asked Shahrukh about the relation between both of us
@SRK – “Alia Bhatt is dating everyone.”
When Karan asked SRK whether Alia dating any one

@SRK – “I will rip his lips off.”
Karan took the opportunity to ask him what SRK would do if a boy kisses his daughter. SRK said, “I will rip his lips off.” Though he covered it with a smile, we feel he meant every word of it. Boys… sorry!
@SRK: I am at rest but not at peace.
When Karan asks what is his state of mind at present and Shahrukh says, “At rest but not at peace. Peace is boring. I am not stupid enough to be happy. Last five years I was getting the cinema right. I want to make 5 best films in the world.” Bang on, all the time!
Wanna watch SRK and Alia Koffe with Karan Click here

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