Krazy WordzZ..Love..FriendzZ

"Sometimes you hear but you don't listen. Sometimes you talk but you don't speak. Sometimes you look but you don't see."
Words are a beautiful and dangerous thing. You can make someone's alive or kill their dreams. You can give them the courage of a lion or a vast amount of self-doubt so they struggle to get up on a morning. Words can make or break something. Some people are given the power to use words beautifully even if the words themselves aren't a thing of beauty. This is the ultimate gift in this world. Here the some krazy words I heard recently more.


        "Love" for me was always overrated. The need of being with someone all the time and when apart the
constant wondering what your love is up to and where she is, what she is doing. The desperate feeling  of  immediately sharing  a wonderful experience  or news with  her or  the excitement of  meeting  her,  when  you wait  for your wall clock  to tick away to your desired time. I remember laughing it off when I use to see others going through this, "what a terrible state of mind" use to be my reaction. And I completely dismissed these feelings of the ones who did felt the same with me. As I was more to them than they were to me. But I was never able to connect with them that deeply even though I stayed in the relationship sometimes for their sake sometimes for the sake of the useless habit of seeing them in my life day in and day out. 


        Friends, they come into your life to teach you lessons. To make you stronger. To show you different colors of life. To tell you what you never knew before. To polish you. To make you something you were not.
To reveal something you were hiding inside. Friends, they are the ones. The ones who have everything. The ones who get everything they want. The ones who think they know everything. The ones who always end up being more...appreciated than us, the ones who try so hard to receive the appreciation we deserve.

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