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An open reply to the one who asks me the question, why you write all these?

        I only write when something come around me and affect my emotions that
I can’t do anything until I’ve articulated them. Am I allowed to write about anyone/anything? No one has written about me so I don’t know what that feeling is - the feeling of seeing your character being picked apart and observed by someone else. But there have been times when I’ve written things about them and it has affected small parts of how we interact. I remember writing an email to my frnds (who are followers of this blog anyway) which I thought was really from the heart. I received a beautiful reply but is it OK if I share those feelings with the entire internet? No, I am not projecting views of society towards me I jst drop lines for my feelings….

        I’d like to believe that the people who really care about me will continue to treat me the same way regardless because they know that the need to express myself is something I can’t fight. It’s a trade-off: do you release something into the public domain that could benefit many, at the risk of isolating a few? Maybe this inertia is what holds most people back from expressing themselves artistically.

        I am here because some part of me wants to compete with them. I didn't come alone though. I'm here with friends and acquaintances.

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