Coffee and Cigarette Krazy combination

I still don’t understand how the bond between coffee and cigarette is so strong. Both can stimulate the mood; make you feel less tired for some time. But cigarette makes you little makes you to feel little drowsy and on other side coffee make you out of drowsy. So, how come this combination is so strong and so popular?

When I asked my friend, he says “Coffee and cigarettes go together so well because, caffeine and nicotine are like brothers. They are both stimulants, but they affect different parts of your body; while coffee affects more your body giving you energy, nicotine affects more your brain. Giving you more focus.”

I am still not satisfied with the answer and in the next day morning I asked other one who takes Coffee and cigarettes as his breakfast and he says “I don’t know but when i wake up first thing i want is a cigarette and a cup of coffee. It’s been my everyday breakfast for like the last 3 years. If i don’t have my coffee and cigarette when I get up i just won’t feel right all day.”

But when I searched on web it say “Coffee and cigarettes actually a terrible, not very tasty, combination, say scientists” and even more it effects more on health when this combination taken a first thing after wake-up from bed.

I still confused why both version are far cry from. I am neither going to comment on both statement nor sit on fence. It’s their choice of lifestyle. The krazy answer I got is “Imagine you are a factory or construction worker. You start working at 7 in the morning, and by the time its 3, you are totally burnt out and fatigued. You need a stimulant. So you have a cup of tea and a puff, and together, they stimulate you back to morning freshness. Moreover, in many places, you only get one single 10-minute break. So you've got to do both your tea and smoke in that time.” What is your answer?? Comment below


  1. The food that is good for health, isn't tasty. And the food that is tasty, might not be good for health. Plus there is moderation required, in case you want to serve your senses. But in case of cigarette and coffee, there is no moderation. There is no limit. No stop. As they are easy fixes available. And then more often than not, everything goes down the deep rabbit hole.

  2. As said Cigar makes us low ie brain goes numb. So it is like ur saturated.
    When it comes to a sip of coffee/tea it again shoots up the energy. something like going High. As this goes over a few puffs and sips it charges ones body at an increasing rate.

  3. Hi Sripadi! What a nice read. I'd answer with black tea and Navy Cuts. Can't do without them.
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